PS200 - Series

The PS200 Series detects all possible combinations of LEL, O2, CO, H2S, including single gas detection. In addition to displaying all gas readings simultaneously, the user can also initiate a manual bump test anytime.​  


PS500 - Series

The PS500 can be configured to detect up to five gases with its electrochemical and catalytic sensors, photo ionization detectors (PID), and infrared capabilities.

An Optional internal pump allows both pumped or diffusion measurements. If the pump is fitted, it cna be easily turned on/off, depending on application. E.g. pump on to perform pre-entry measurements correctly, pump off for confined space working.


Automatic Bump Testing and Calibration Stations

 To complement the PS200 or PS500 instruments, the compact, robust and easy to use Auto Bump & Calibration Station provides bump and calibration options. Standalone mode is easy to install and configure and allows automatic record collection for certificate generation.

1. Standalone

2. PC

3. Ethernet

Protégé ZM

The Protégé ZM Single Gas monitor is an easy-to-use, zero maintenance gas detector that is available for oxygen, carbon monoxide or hydrogen sulphide

Once activated, the Protégé ZM monitor does not require charging or calibration. These monitors can be deployed in the field 24 hours a day, every day for two years, maintenance and hassle free.




A solution for all your safety monitoring and inerting marine application requirements. With 8 models to choose from, this extremely versatile instrument complies with international marine regulations for Confined Space Monitoring, Inerting, Pre-entry Testing, Tank Cleaning and many other marine applications in vessels such as LNG / LPG Tankers, Oil Tankers, Fruit Carriers and Refrigerated Cargoes




The GT-Fire is a Portable Gas Detection instrument that combines quality, ruggedness and advanced technology in a user friendly, hand-held gas detector.

It has been designed for the fire industry, satisfying all the needs of fire departments within a single unit.


Gas Laser

Highly advanced laser technology designed to detect natural gas with the aim of enhancing safety and improving detection for fire services, first responders and utility markets.


Oxygas 500

The Oxygas 500 instrument provides similar performance to the Gascoseeker 2-500 (%LEL and %Vol measurement) but with the addition of the oxygen sensor for either gas/air or as nitrogen/air purging.


First Responder

The GMI First Responder is a combustible gas indicator designed for emergency response technicians in the gas industry. This instrument combines quality, ruggedness and advanced GMI Technology in a user friendly, portable gas detector